19 Proven Tips to Be Happy at Work.

Work is a social place, BUT the majority of workplaces are sequenced, controlled, compartmentalized and standardized – As not much has changed since the workhouses of the Industrial Revolution.


The main Issues:

  • You are expected to sit or stand all day long.
  • You are expected to be a working machine, not a complex mix of mind, body and spirit.
  • You are expected to leave your emotions at the door.
  • You are expected to solve problems and strategically plan for people who act like School Masters.
  • You are expected to follow rules, policies and regulations which don’t help you, but just reminds you that your a cog in a very big machine.
  • You are expected not to voice concern or raise objections, otherwise you rock the foundations of the institution.

1. Meaning.

Spark Your curiosity and imagination, to do meaningful work.  No matter the size of a goal – whether curing cancer or helping a colleague – having a sense of meaning can contribute to happiness in the workplace. Continue reading “19 Proven Tips to Be Happy at Work.”


6 shocking Books about Dating.


Online? Flirting in text messages? Body language? Overcoming shyness?
Dating is an art of itself. Entering into a relationship without proper guidance & preparation leads to the unwanted. It is recommended that one shall dedicate time and learn from others that share from their experiences.
listed below are books in matters that are significant to any stage in relationships, and especially at the starting point.

Continue reading “6 shocking Books about Dating.”